Hi, my name is Gregor Waldvogel. I am a software developer from Germany.

17 June 2018

Creating my blog with Github Pages

by Gregor Waldvogel

Wordpress seemed way too complicated for what I wanted: A simple solution to publish small posts about the problems I had and how I fixed them and talk about projects I am working on. Jekyll and Github Pages looked like a nice approach: Just write simple Markdown files for every post and add it to version control.

Github Pages and Jekyll are fairly easy to use, especially the Jekyll documentation was helpful in understanding the layout of my repository. The Github Pages documentation tells you anything else you need to know.

I use the Minimal theme as my base and customized it to my needs, all in all this took me about an hour, so it’s quite easy to do when you know a little HTML/CSS. Now I can start writing instead of worrying about customizing my Wordpress installation.

tags: githubpages - jekyll